spam e button / job grabber / random aimbot

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spam e button ,can be useful in some servers 

job grabber means whenever you want a job thats taken/full capacity you make auto take the job as soon as there is a free slot available.

random aimbot means that you want to be 100 % believable to be legit so you have 7 bullets in ur pistol and 2 will hit with aimbot only so it doesnt seem weird for other lwhen they watch the gun fight happening etc.
The e button spammer has proved itself useful on the amount of times i've used it trying to make a quick buck, and believe random aimbot would be nice but you could just turn down your fov so you actually have to put in work when trying to kill someone.

The job grabber is pretty useless as you can just set a bind to the job you want and frequently press it or set a macro.
full obkak

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